Exquisitely Sensitive

Once in a session with my therapist I complained that I was just too sensitive. She responded forcibly ” You are absolutely  not too sensitive. You are exquisitely sensitive. ” That remark helped me begin to learn to value my sensitive nature Being like I am means I can easily understand where other people are coming from. It also means I enjoy being available to people I love.

It also means I am easily hurt. However, I am very glad to be the  way I am.

A good friend liked the term exquisitely sensitive, Here is her response.

“Exquisitely sensitive”*
Oh yeah, that’s me.
For better, and worse,
No buffer to be found.
Some things feel so damn good,
others hurt so very much.
Seldom is there a void.

Thank you for this phrase, George

That expressed my feeling in a poetic way.

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