Morning Prayers

There is a tension between the urgent and the important. One of the things that went wrong for me at Union Rescue Mission was that the frantic urgency of running the mission made it hard for me me to remain God centered. I began getting to the mission at 5:30 or 6:00 AM. That greatly reduced the heavily trafficked drive time. More importantly It gave me time to Meditate in the morning.
I had a whiteboard installed on the back of the door between my office and my assistant.That was so that if being at the mission prompted the urgent things I could write the urgent demand on the Whiteboard. My incredible assistant Carolyn checked the white board first thing when she arrived and planned the urgent thing into my schedule. That allowed me to continue my meditation.
I had a car phone in my car so when my busy mind got me lost I could phone I could call her. She then grabbed her Thomas Guide and directed me back on track. Carolyn also headed up the mission prayer team. We had maybe a 100 people praying daily with well informed prayers.

She knew I loved to go out on the street and mix with the street folks.Sometimes I would be fighting my way through my business and she would walk into my office and surprise me and say “You have the next three hours free so you can go out on the street. What a treat that was.

Mostly importantly, I learned that if I prayed in the morning things during the day did not surprise me the same way. With God’s help my morning prayer acted to condition me for the the events of my day. Unknowingly, when I prayed in the morning I was actually praying for grace and wisdom so I could meet unforeseen events during day with more serenity,Surprising problems that were not consciously on my mind when I prayed in the morning I actually had prayed for w/o knowing I was doing so. God met met me when I didn’t pray but being prepared in advance was an enormous advantage.

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