On Mustard Seeds

Years ago, I came to a meeting with my mind dominated by fear. There was trouble between me and one of my daughters. I was very frightened about my financial future, I was furious at the Christian community. I was not yet used to not working. I missed the routine of a schedule and regular responsibilities. I was worried that my career decisions were defective. I suppose there were other things circling around in my head that were disturbing my peace.


My friend came over to me before the meeting began.She said, “Are you as unhappy as you look?”I said, “I sure am. I am very frightened. I just can’t seem to find any relief no matter what I do.”She replied“George, attach a percentage to your fear and attach a percentage to your faith.”“I have 97% fear and 2% faith.”.t feeling afraid. I felt guilty about feeling guilty. God had given me so much. I had many years of experience that should have told me that God was taking care of me. Yet I was terrified.She said. ” That 3% faith that you have is enough for God. That is your mustard seed faith.”I felt better immediately.


When Jesus talked about mustard seed faith, he was not emphasizing the size of our faith. Jesus was talking more about the size of God. His point was that the tiniest faith in such an overwhelmingly powerful God is a enough to move mountains.

I borrowed my daughter’s car a few months ago. She owns a very powerful car. As I was trying to enter the freeway, I hit the gas pedal like I would in my old Volvo. The car roared onto the freeway. It accelerated so rapidly I thought I might lose control. Just a little push on the accelerator would have been enough to get me on the freeway given the power of the engine.


So it is with God. The love, creativity, imagination and power of God is so awesome that a little tiny bit of faith is enough to allow us to enjoy the full abundance of God’s grace.My friend’s point about faith was demonstrated to me over the years from then to now. They have been wonderful years.

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