My Crazy Room

They say that anger is always secondary. My anger face built on my fear. These days I am surrounded by loving people including all of you.It is not that I am immune from anger based on fear but when it comes to me I have resources and know how to deal with it. There will always be a crazy room in mt house but when I find myself in that room I know there is a door out and I use that door. Long ago my family had ma swimming pool. I loved to swim in that pool at night just before I wet to bed. My white Scottie loved that. He would be waiting for me at whichever end of the pool I was swimming toward. His whole body would be one wagging wiggle. When I turned to swim the other direction he would run at full speed to the other end of the pool and wait for me completely full of joyful anticipation.

One night at the end of my swim I rested for a while on my deck. The Holy Spirit told me for God “I am more like that dog than I am like the image of me you have in your heart”.

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