My Whiny voice

When I have been the hospital the nurses checked my vital signs day and night. Vital signs are so called because they are so important to our health and because they also help the med staff understand that something is wrong and I need service.
I feel the same way about program slogans. So often I have checked the slogans to see why I am down and I have lost my serenity. The truth is that almost every time I have to check the slogans the problem I am having has to do with “One day at a time” To me that slogan is pointing to both the future and the past.
The two roads to madness are called “if Only” and “What If” I have frequently said to a troubled sponsee “What does all this have to do with the time between now the time your head hits the pillow?’

There have been times I was so stressed that I prayed “God what is your will for the next ten minutes. God gives grace to me for the stresses I am in right now. God has never given me the grace for hypothetical situations like how will handle my problems if someday in the future I have a stroke.

I have what I need for today not for all the problems my imagination can dream up for the next year. I call my negative inner voice my WHINY VOICE. In all my 78 years of living Whiny has never once told me the truth. I once said to my sponsor “At least I should make whiny create some new lies.” She said “Why should he. The old lies still work”.

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