Thoughts On Growing

I have worked hard for decades now trying to grow emotionally and spiritually. I have worked hard on being an open and emotionally available. I don’t think growth and increasing strength is possible for me without allowing people to touch my inner life. That is because I desperately, consistently and daily need the wisdom and strength you carry within your person.

I can see that the strength I had at 58 was fine for that time but was very inadequate for 68. I can see that the strength I had at 68 was strong enough for 68 but is not adequate for my life today at 78. I must keep growing or I will be overwhelmed by life at 88.. Growth is an important sign that I am still alive and well at his time in this moment. Of course I am writing this at this moment so I can keep growing right now. It is more meaningful to me that some of you will read it when it is your time to do so.

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