String Of Pearls 53

-Difficulties have the potential to help me clean up the wounds of the past. At times though, processing some difficulties feels like I am being Rotor-Rootered emotionally.

  • -I don’t see until I see, or hear until I hear. Things take time.
  • -My anger is loud, but my rage is louder.
  • -Never kill someone else’s Buddha.
  • -I never want to rob a person of their dignity again by manipulating them.
  •  -I need praise far more than I need criticism, but I am far more likely to take criticism to heart. Nevertheless, It seems to me that praise is far more likely to be true than criticism.
  • – I can’t shame myself into better thinking.
  • -My disease’s solution when I am low is to go into the basement and dig holes.
  • Being authentic is often messy.
  • My worse character defects are my character assets that I don’t manage.

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