String of Pearls 52


-When in doubt, doubt. [Don’t just do something, sit there

  • -HOW: H onesty, O bjectivity, W orthiness.
  • -When I LET GO in regard of my past, I LET GOD bring my heart’s desires into my present.
  • -[When I begin my decision making deliberations with the question,”What do I need?” I end up with healthier decisions. When I begin my thinking with the question, “What does the other person need?” my decisions do not work out as well.
  • -Striving to be perfect inevitably makes me likely to be more imperfect.
  • -Striving to be perfect is like dressing myself in a straight jacket.
  • -When I manipulate people, I wound people.
  • -When I feel I have to manipulate people to get my needs met, I reinforce the idea that I am inadequate,
  • When I arrange my life so my needs are met, I empower myself.




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