String Of Pearls 51

Live large. Let God make you bold.

  • Addiction is that situation where you never get enough of what you down deep really don’t want.
  • If I am uncomfortable with wealth, and plan on going to Heaven where the streets are made of gold, Heaven will be Hell.
  • The main problem I have today is I fail to ask for help.
  • When I am in my disease, and while tying my shoes my shoelace breaks, I respond,  “The world sucks and I want to die.”
  • I used to try to live my life as part of the “Hallmark” world. Now I prefer the actual world
  • I love change when I get to decide what is going to change.
  • I do love change. Especially quarters.
  • In the 11th step, there is frequently a time gap between “A knowledge of his will” and “The power to carry it out”. I have made trouble for myself when I see what God’s will is and jump in before God is ready to give me the power. Sometimes I think “WAIT” is God’s  four letter word.
  • When I accept my helplessness [powerlessness], it lessons my need to help  and so I  escape some of my codependency.
  • Being en_Tire-ly ready to have God remove my character defects, frequently it is because I am  so tired.

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