String Of Pearls 49

The following ideas have helped me:

  • Said by an al-anon member just before Christmas: “Someone should find Norman Rockwell’s body and put a take through his heart.”
  • I don’t have to catch every stone thrown at me.
  • The people that I love that have died, are not as far removed from me as I once thought.
  • It is wonderful that I get to feel my feelings whether the feeling is shame, anger, serenity, joy or love.
  • I need to stop throwing myself under the bus.
  • AA helped me clean up my side of the street. Al-anon helped me stay on my side of the street.
  • I don’t have to go through it any more alone than I choose.
  • I don’t have to predict the future because I have the resources to deal with whatever happens.
  • The main problem I have today is getting myself to ask for help.
  • If God is timeless and experiences everything in the now, [I Am that I Am] my need is

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