String of Pearls: 46

The following ideas have helped me.

  • Adult sex is based on knowledge and familiarity. Adolescent sex is based on unfamiliarity.
  • Sexuality is primarily the expression of previously developed intimacy. Sexuality is a relatively ineffective means of obtaining intimacy.
  • I think men need women more than women need men.
  • I think parents need adult children more than adult children need parents.
  • If parents are a problem for their kids, kids most typically find solutions to their problem that the parents won’t like.
  • If one person in a relationship gets better the partner will not stay the same. The other person will either get better too, or else get worse.
  • I do better on a first date if I do not see myself as possibly establishing a relationship. It is better for me to see myself as just having a good time.
  • Don’t think. Trust God and do the dishes. [I just finished doing the dishes, so I know this works.]
  • If I compare myself to other people I lose. I lose even when I think I come off better in the comparison.
  • I hate it when I feel duplicitous. I love it when I feel authentic.

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