Lovely Daughter-Father Exchange

JoAnna CaywoodThis story makes me laugh every time! Thanks for sharing, Dad. You are right, Sara — good memory

George Caywood

George Caywood I love that you still think it is funny.

Jill Mayer 9. You are committed to self-examination, continuous learning, and you are willing to adjust your views based on new discoveries. I love that about you.
Jill Mayer

Jill Mayer 10. You are the pun-master extraordinaire (this may not be something to brag about).

George Caywood

George Caywood Thank You Jill. As I am sure you know I totally respect you. That means so much to me.

George Caywood

George Caywood Jill is real, a thrill, good for a meal,helps me figure out my tax bill, makes me feel in france known as Gill,can run right up a hill, is not a pill, thinks i am bit sill, definort;ly not run of the mill, want to see her I can’t wait until,hasn’t seen an eel. anmd I love her.

Jill Mayer

Jill Mayer Wow!! You pulled that out in about 5 minutes flat. Amazing.

George Caywood

George Caywood You inspired me , can’t you see you are all you can be,light dee i would go on but I have to —-

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