One Hundred Million Children

I am not sure I can express this…so many things are at play.

All men are born to love children. All children are lovely. I was not loved.

100,000,000 children [one hundred million] are not loved.They live on the streets of the world.

My abuse as a child connects me to them. Because I was abused as a child I withdraw in shock from the magnitude of the horror.

I have one face in mind. A boy now dead pictured in today’s newspaper next to the picture of a colonel executed by terrorists also pictured in today’s paper on the same page.

We are outraged by the hanging of Colonel Higgins. We should be outraged.

We are outraged at the boy’s death Brian Gannon. We should be outraged.

I do not know how to be outraged by 100,000,000 street children.That’s too many for me.


You know the names of 10o,000,000,000 [one hundred billion] galaxies each galaxy has 100,000,000,000 stars. You know the name of every star.

You know, as a friend, the name of every sparrow. Therefore, you know every single child that is homeless-all 100,000,000 of them. [Do they all even have names?]

Every time a child’s stomach rumbles you hear it.

Every time a child becomes full of rage at his circumstance You are angered.

Every. time a child sells herself sexually and wounds her soul  You are wounded.

Every time an angry adult lashes out at a child You feel it.

The suffering of each child is staggering.

You feel all their pain.

You do not turn your face from any of them.

You watch them suffer each and every one of them.

I weep for them.

I weep for you.


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