The Magic Red Barn


There is a red barn located somewhere that I get to see it from time to time. Some people who see it feel it’s magic. If you are not a magic kind of person you are less likely to feel the magic. Sometimes the barn is in a blatant mood. When that happens everyone can see its magical qualities.

The red barn started out in life by being a small red flower. That was back before there were any people anywhere in the world. The animals were here though. There were animals that were huge and animals were little right down to the smallest insects. The little red flower naturally felt sympathy for the little tiny insects because she was small herself.

Red, as she called herself didn’t use her magic to show off. Even so, many animals liked to look at her breathtaking beauty. Red’s heart was always focused on providing safety. Mostly her concern was for the little ones. Any little bug that was being chased by a bigger creature could run for Red. If the insect could reach the shelter of Red’s shadow it would disappear to the eyes of its predator.

One time a giant meteor crashed into Mother Earth. It was a terrible time. All the great big animals were killed off. In that time Red was forced to use her magical powers to protect herself. She made it through all the painful years and she even was able to prosper. At the end of the terrible time Red had grown into a great big leafy tree that made lots and lots of shade.

After the terror she began to see that there were lots and lots of little animals all around her. Gradually Red began to realize  that her magic was still needed. It took her time to realize that because trees, as every one knows,  think very, very  deeply and well but they don’t think quickly.

The new little animals were being eaten by the new bigger animals. She began to provide protection for the little animals using  her magic shade again.The little animals gave her a new name. They called her Refuge Tree. As you may have noticed yourself, little animals are very busy so, predictably, they shortened her name to RT.

In time something new and surprising began to happen. People started to appear. It was just a few people  for a several centuries. However,as the millennia passed  more and more people arrived. One thing RT really enjoyed was that the children people loved running under  the tree so they could disappear . When the people parents ran under the tree they stayed visible. That made RT laugh. She laughed so loudly the kids couldn’t help but laugh until their side ached and tears rolled down their cheeks. Then the parents could find their children  but the moms and dads were laughing too but not as hard as the kids were.

RT noticed that the people were always frantically  searching for food. That made RT sad. She came up with the idea of bearing fruit so she could help out the hungry folks. That worked so well that she spent most of her time  teaching other trees to bear fruit. It was such a happy time for her.

RT began to notice that all the fields around her were planted with crops. RT pondered and pondered for a few thousand years wondering how she could help. Finally she came up with a very painful and terrible idea. People needed a place to store their crops and to shelter their animals. She sawed herself into planks so she could turn into a barn. Of course, all the planks were red because she was red and also they were red because RT’s  blood was red.

Now her purpose became to protect the farmers crops and to protect the animals the nice farmer family needed so they would have food for their family in the winter. Those were such happy times for RT. Often the farmer’s children would come inside the barn to play. There favorite game was Hide And Go Seek.

Most of the time the bigger kids would find the best hiding places. When that happened, RT had  fun making the little kids invisible so the big kids couldn’t find them. Finally the little kids would run for home base screaming screams of delight and victory. At those times RT would feel all the pain of becoming a barn was worth it.

Over the decades the farmers all left RT’s fields. RT was slipping into old age. She wondered how many years she would be able to survive the harsh winters. RT wasn’t unhappy. By then she had millions of years she could remember with joy. She remembered every insect she had protected and every little kid she had filled with delight.

Just in time a new family moved into the house just a little ways over from RT’s home ground. There was a wonderful Mom and Dad and two little girls plus a very kind Grandma. Once in a while a Grandpa would be around. The Grandpa would look and look at RT the barn. When he looked at RT he seemed to sense  how satisfied RT was with her life . That helped Grandpa remember how good a life he had had. Grandpa knew there was magic in that big barn but all he knew was when he looked at RT he felt really good.

One day the kind Grandma looked at RT and said ” My goodness, I need to give my lovely  barn some help and make her strong again. Soon talented workers were  making the repairs RT needed so RT could once again smile at and enjoy the enthusiasm of the winter storms.

RT had many visitors over the next years. The visitors would ooh and ah over the two little girls who were gradually getting bigger and bigger. RT loved to hear all the joy. All the visitors also took time to look at the barn and feel in their heart  good feelings. past and present.

After awhile the kind grandma thought it would be fun if the barn could become a source of shelter again. Everyone thought that was a great idea.The whole bunch worked together to plan a wonderful apartment. When it was finally built RT and everyone else thought it was the most beautiful apartment in the world.

Soon one of the children’s aunts had decided to move into the apartment. RT was excited She knew that this aunt was an incredibly enjoyable woman. RT looked forward to having her live there. Also, once in awhile a very kind and smart man came to stay in the barn’s apartment .RT never told anybody but she thought he was very handsome and was a very, very magical man.

There is something about RT that I haven’t told you yet. Clear back to her days as a small flower RT had a teasing streak. I am quite sure that the aunt living in RT’s apartment would someday be looking for something like a stack of mail she had just set down on the kitchen counter. It will seem to the aunt that the mail was gone because RT had made the stack invisible.

Later, after the resident aunt would have given up on ever finding the mail she would call the mom that lived in the house on the same property as RT to come over to help her find the mail As the mom came over and walked through the apartment  RT will make the mail visible again. Then the mom will say,”Why Jo it’s sitting right there on the counter. If it had been a snake it would have bitten you”.

The older of the two sisters had followed the mom into the apartment to help find the missing item. When it was found  the older girl began  teasing her aunt about needing a seeing eye dog. As of this writing the teasing has not stopped.

The younger of the two nieces  drew a chalk drawing of RT on a big chalkboard. It is a masterpiece. The New York Museum of Art offered a million dollars to buy the drawing chalk board and all. The grandpa wouldn’t hear of it and gave the girl two million dollars  just to keep it in the family.

Now the barn sits on the property in all its nostalgic glory allowing the cars driving by to recall their own beautiful nostalgic memories. That always helps the passers by have a joyful day.



One thought on “The Magic Red Barn

  1. Lovely story, George! I enjoyed the bookend pictures too! Old barns always make me nostalgic. I always wanted to live in one!


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