String Of Pearls 16


The following are saying that have helped me.

  • Today, the only parent I have is me. Am I the kind of parent to myself that I wish I had been to my daughters?

  • I used to think of myself as over sensitive. Now I understand that I am not over sensitive, I am exquisitely sensitive.

  • Misery has enough company. I am going to do whatever I need to do to be happy.

  • I can’t avoid making mistakes, but I can make my mistakes pay off by learning from them.

  • When something good floats by me in my stream, I should get a stick, fish it out, and see if I want to build it into my life.

  • If someone is hitting me in the nose because they have a muscle disorder, or someone is hitting me in the nose because they hate me, my conclusion is identical. I have to get my nose out of range and get myself out of the situation.

  • The Universe is kind and is altogether willing to make it completely possible for me to be emotionally healthy.

  • If I ask someone to prove they love me it  impossible for them to do so. If I believe I am lovable, and if we deal with our differences in a healthy way, everything that is done by a loved one, can contribute to our relationship.

  • The need to feel “Better than,” which in truth is a fear that we are “Less than”, keeps us from enjoying the amazingly wonderful diversity that exists among the people of the world.

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