String Of Pearls 13

The following are sayings that have helped me:

  • The ability to just hang out is an ability worth cultivating.

  • When I put my bad feelings in a bottle, I cannot help but put my good feelings in the bottle too. That is why when I stuff my feelings, the result is a deep feeling of emptiness inside of me.

  • The price of all this privacy, is all this loneliness.

  • Many times, when I can’t decide what to do, I need to wait until more is revealed.

  • My humanity is in my contract with my Higher Power. God accepts me completely fully aware of everything from my worst character defect to my best character asset.

  • One of my Higher Power’s best gifts to me is my growing ability to ask for help.

  • When I was asked how I learned wisdom I said, “Every foolish, lustful, dishonest, gluttonous, arrogant, self centered, cruel mistake anyone has ever made, I have made 1000 times. This saying was said to me by my Mom, when I asked her the very same question.

  • In the dozens of times, I have heard someone’s Fifth Step, I have never heard anything that was completely out of my experience.

  • “You can accomplish more for God in an hour and a half of praying than you can in forty hours of working.” On my 40th birthday, I asked my Mom who was 70, “What do you know at 70 you wish you had known at 40. The above was her response.

  • No one ever came to their first program meeting because they were feeling so good.

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