String Of Pearls 9

The following are sayings that have helped me.

  • Shame is the brake of recovery. It is designed to stop me when I am turned away from my Higher Power. When I am turned toward my Higher Power, I need to take my foot off the brake and use the accelerator of love.

  • When I defend myself, the other person feels my defensiveness as an attack. That person then responds by defending himself with a little more vigor. As a result, I feel more attacked, and defend myself and thereby up the tension level increases even more. And so on ad infinitum. On and on the cycle goes, until finally, the volcano erupts.

  • The more I defend myself, the more I need to defend myself.

  • Never doubt in the dark, what you saw in the light.

  • Where the finger of God points, the hand of God provides.

  • When I miss one of my kids, I remember that sometimes my Higher Power misses me.

  • A good description of my Higher Power: fun loving, easily pleased, undiscouragingly cheerful, and fiercely protective.

  • If I can adjust my thinking away from hurt feelings in three months, I can do it in three minutes. That is, providing I want to.

  • As I age, I realize, that in times past, I have often been completely wrong. If that is true, I must admit that I may be completely wrong now.

  • Some of the most grateful people I have ever known, seemingly have very little for which they should be grateful. Sometimes when I have visited a very sick friend in the hospital the sick person is cheers me up.

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