String of Pearls 8: Program Hints

The following are ideas that have helped me

  • My problem is not that I fall into a mud puddle. Everyone does that. My problem is that I stay for a swim.

  • Since God is actively teaching me to be free, I can not read control into the word care in the third step, “Turn my will and my life over to the care of God”.It turns out that doing God’s will always leads me to being what I really want to be. 

  • Squelching my anger is like putting a giant plug in a volcano. It makes an explosion inevitable and far more powerful.

  • I make a mistake when I take other people’s words and deeds personally. Doing that just causes other people’s behavior to act like an enema because then the crap just pours out of me.

  • “If you spot it you got it.” I have learned that this saying so often taken in a negative way is even truer in a positive sense. When I love a characteristic in another person I have the same characteristic in me. If I can’t see that characteristic in me right now I can count on it being there somewhere.. If that happens it is fun to  watch for that characteristic to show up in my behavior  and then to begin developing the gift in myself.

  • If I forget to be grateful about my gifts, it may mean I have forgotten they are gifts not wages earned.

  • Gratitude is a way I can think about the gifts I have without risking ego involvement. Real humility is to see and enjoy my gifts while at the same time remembering. I got them from God through my family and program mates.

  • My negative self talk centers around my belief that I am fundamentally unacceptable. If I will lovingly look in the eyes of other people in my program and in my family I will see my worth shining in their eyes.

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