Some Thoughts About Thinking

I heard about a wise bumper sticker a few days ago. Here is what it said:

“Don’t Believe Everything You Think” This bumper sticker is helping me.


These are difficult days for me. I feel I have suffered a great loss. I am working my way through the situation in a way that is satisfactory to me.


The hardest times are in the morning when I wake up. Most of the time that is about 3:00 AM. I do go back to sleep, so I am not suffering from lack of sleep, but old, faulty belief systems tend to operate for an hour or an hour and a half early in my mornings.


My faulty thinking centers around the feeling that I am fundamentally unacceptable. It feels like my lack of acceptability means that my current loss is just the first of many losses that will inevitably come to me.. Eventually, I will be all by myself, isolated, forlorn.


That is not the case. I know I am a loved and valued man. I know I can rely on remaining in fellowship with wonderful people all the rest of my life. A rich life socially is a part of my heritage from my Higher Power.


Another program saying is:

“My mind is a dangerous place. I should never go there alone.”


In this tough time I am not isolating. Each day I make sure to stay in contact with my many wise and caring friends. They help me see where I have allowed the emotional pressure I am under, to negatively influence my thought life.


Another saying is this:

“There is a committee in my head. This committee convenes on a regular basis to tell me the same old lies.”


My committee’s lies center around my worth and acceptability as a human being. Sometimes I say to myself, “At least I could make them tell me some new lies. They have been telling me the same lies for over sixty years.”


Each morning I fight through those fears, go back to sleep, get up and have a good, full day. I am learning I don’t have to believe everything I think.

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