An Al-Anon Joke

-My favorite Al-Anon joke Did you hear about:
A man came into a bar and ordered A full bottle of fine whiskey and a glass. He poured himself a shot and bolted it right down. He immediately poured himself another glass and chugged it, This went on and on. The bartender was spellbound by the man’s drinking.

Finally, he said “In all my years of bartending I have never see anyone drink like that. Tell me what is going on”.

The man said” 35 years ago I got drunk and murdered my wife. I have been in jail since. Every day in jail I promised myself When I got out out I would Get myself a bottle of whiskey and drink the whole bottle. An hour ago I got out of jail. This was the first bar I could find”.

A woman at the other end of the bar moved down the bar so she could be
next to the drinking man and said “I hear you are single”.

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