String Of Pearls 7: The Serenity Prayer

-When I first read “Grant me serenity to accept the things I cann0t change” I said  to myself I want that serenity. What do I need to do to get it? At the  time I was filling out the paper work for loans and grants for one of my daughters to help her cover university expenses. As I was doing that work I suddenly realized that loans had to be repaid but grants were given with out any need to repay.

-I then could understand that god was offering me serenity free of charge. My responsibility was just to ask her for it.

-Today I think that it isn’t even necessary for me to ask.

-Instead I think I just have to stop doing the things that destroy and block the serenity that has already been give to me.

-In the 11th step of the 12 steps it is suggested that I pray ONLY so I can know what is God’s will for me and also I to ask for the power to do Her will.

-Many times when I have been talking to a sponsee that had no serenity I asked “What does all these things you are worried about have to do with the time between now and the time when your head hits the pillow?

-I asked my sponsee that question because I had noticed that most of the time when my serenity was disturbed it was because I was living out side the slogan “One day at a time”. God wants me to live in the very moment in which I am living right now.

-The implication of my question was that the serenity My Higher wants me to have  is not a onetime forever gift but is instead the result of me coming to believe in the love of God that is  a constant reality of my life. I never have to Pray God in from Chicago. She is always near.

-There is a very ancient piece of wisdom that says”There will be a voice behind me saying this is way. Walk in it.

-There is a huge difference between this is the way and that is the way. If I am writing out directions to my sister’s home in San Diego way I would Proceed south on the 405 until you come to the connection with Interstate 5. “That” is the way you want to go”. If I am going to take the trip with you when we approached  Interstate 5 I would say this is your exit. “This” implies you  intend to make the trip with your friend. Gods serenity comes from the awareness that God is lovingly near you every minute of every day.



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