Colored Snow

When my children were young we lived in Azusa, Ca. Azusa was right at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains as a vacation and recreational location. One time when our area got a good snowfall we began to prepare to head up to the mountains to play in the snow.

We loaded up the car with hot drinks and chile so we could have food to eat when we wanted to rest awhile. To be honest I should have said when I needed to rest awhile. The girls inevitably far out lasted me.

On the way up I was talking to the kids about what we were going to doing and how to be safe. I then told them “Don’t miss God’s popsicles. When you see a yellow spot in the snow that’s God’s popsicle.”

They were very excited. After about a half hour Gina screamed from the backseat “DAD!!!” I of course knew she had figured it out. She told the truth to her sisters. They also protested vigorously.

Later when I told family friends what I had done they asked “Would you have let them eat the yellow snow? ” I said of course not. Every one believed me except for my good friend Dennis Crumb. Dennis always had a suspicious attitude about my sanity. Maybe I should ask him now ,40 years later if he believes me now but I am afraid he still thinks I am a bit crazy.

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