Good Laugh/Painful Head

I recently spent time with my sister in Arlington, VA. It was a wonderful Christmas for me. While I was there I foolishly walked around in the dark in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar bedroom. I smashed my head viciously against the edge of a dresser. I bled all over her carpet.

My sister thought it was silly of me to be worrying about her carpet. I said ” Evelyn shouldn’t we be spraying something on the blood so I don’t stain your carpet? She answered probably but I will think about that tomorrow. Right now I am concerned about your head.

My head is fine. when I came home to Long Beach I went to one of my meetings. Of course I had a bandage on my head. At the meeting everyone was concerned about the bandage and my wound.

When it was my time to share I said things like “While I was gone I couldn’t stop thinking about you guys and how wonderful you are. I think you are so loving and so wise” I went on and on in that vein.

Then I said “You all are so wonderful the inevitable happened. I fell for you.”

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