Why Are There Hungry People?

At the Union Rescue Mission where I worked we served about three thousand meals a day. On a holiday we might serve double that. We served three meals a day. I mean meals not bowls of bean soup. In the morning we generally served oat meal. Once when we had been donated a whole bunch of of dates, we cut up the dates and put them in the oatmeal. It nearly caused a riot. No matter wht we said the street people thought the cut up dates dates were cockroaches.

The fact that we served so many meals to the poor seemed to bring up a question to the general public. The question was “If God is so loving, why are there so many hungry people in he world?”

I had read that scientists felt that there was enough food to feed everyone. The problem was distribution. The problem was greed and neglect of the rights of the poor. Also, in a wonder of God’s grace, it happened that advances in the sciences agriculture allowed there to be sufficient food for every one despite the explosion of human population

However, I seldom answered the question concerning the hungry people in the world using the scientific perspective stated above. When I was asked “If God is so loving why are there so many hungry people in the world” I responded with my own question. I said “Have you thanked God for your lunch?. It seems to me that if you are going to blame God for hungry people you should give God credit for all the people who have sufficient food to eat.

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