How I See Sex

-No man can have really great sex unless his partner is having really great sex.

-There is a great misunderstanding, What is called adult sex is really adolescent sex. Adolescent sex is based on the unfamiliar. Adult sex  is based on on the familiar,

-Sometimes I think God’s intention was to give men the desire for great sex to motivate men to learn what really great sex is to their partner.

-I do not think that sex is ever really intimate in and of itself.

-I think good sex is the outward expression of an inward intimacy.

-Intimacy comes from the committed effort from both partners to learn whatever they can about the other person’s real self. Then knowing the real person each partner has the opportunity to accept and love the other.

-Of course this is a lifetime effort. There is no crash course for intimacy. It happens a little bit at a time and builds and builds ever more deeply,

-I think the most infinite frontier we can explore is not the universe. I think knowing another person better and more deeply is life’s greatest adventure.

-I think if am learning who my partner is ever more deeply gives me a sense of going to bed with a fresh partner every night.

-In my mind I envision a unilateral triangle with God on the top, me on one leg and my partner on the other leg, as we each move toward God we become closer and closer together. Conversely, as we get closer and closer to together we get closer and closer to God.



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