A Month Long Christmas

MY December Long Christmas

First I am going to see family in Wa state for two weeks. After that I am going to Arlington VA
I arrived here in Ellensburg safely and on time. When the shuttle pulled away from SeaTac the driver told us that chains were required. He said that a 2 hour run that morning had taken 5 hours. A few minutes later he announced That chains were no longer required. We got to E about 5 minutes earlier than scheduled. It had warmed up and the combination of high winds and semis had dried out the highway across the Cascade Mts. The shuttle made a quick restroom stop and parked right across the street from a fabulous Candy and coffee shop. Of course I indulged.

There is snow everywhere. On the pass there were untold thousands of evergreens beautifully decorated with snow. I was dreaming of a white Christmas and truly got it.

Later in Christmas month., I am going to Virginia to see my wonderful sister Evelyn. Evelyn is very excited about me coming. She has tickets for us for the Kennedy Center’s performance of the Messiah.

When my kids were little we played the Messiah every Christmas as back ground music to our Christmas celebrations. I always made “Georgie Burgers” I took English muffins and buttered them generously, put on grated 3 cheese stacked high with crispy bacon on top and stuck them in the broiler.

Now we are all amazed at how many loaded cookie sheets we consumed. Luckily no emergency trips to the hospital from clogged arteries. Love you all, George

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