My Friend Ray

I have a really good friend named Ray. He worked for a number of years with me at Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles.
In the last years before I left the Mission, he was the supervisor of the missions chapel. The chapel seated about 250 men and women and was a sitting room for the people 24 hours a day.
Services a were held in the chapel at noon and at 7:30 PM. No one had to sit through a service in order to get a meal.and they were a meal not just a bowl of soup.
On my last day of work I went down to the chapel to give Ray a goodbye hug. He told me that he was very sorry to see me leave, that every time he felt like he really needed a hug I would appear and hug him.
I laughed and said “Ray you don’t understand. When I came downstairs to the chapel I came because I needed a hug.
All the things I did for people worked two ways in that I was also blessed. That’s how God does things. I hope that when I helped people at the mission they were helped 1/10th as much as they helped me.

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