Facing Down Fear

Years ago I went to Magic Mountain with my 4 daughters.I was going to sit out Magic Mountains huge Roller Coastal because it was too scary things are too scary for me to enjoy.
The girls would not let me get away with that. They said, “Dad, all our lives you have been telling us that we we need to face our fears.” I felt like a mouse being caught using my own cheese. I reluctantly finally agreed to go. We had to wait an hour and a half in line. I was anxious the whole time.
Ultimately I had to get on the coaster. They put me in the front row. I can’t say I enjoyed it. In fact I was somewhat scared the whole time, but I knew that the ride only lasted a few minutes. Then it was over. The waiting in line was by far the worst of the two experiences.
So many times I have ruined days or weeks dreading doing something of which I was afraid. Today I dealt with some business things that I usually postpone as long as I can. I refused to hesitate and just did them. All this illustrated that I have Have missed a lot of life’s richness and reward because of fear. I am old and you are young. I hope you miss far less than I have.
Of course, done of this means I should learn to dance.

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