To an Adult Daughter

You are a woman now
My fathering task is done.
The reward of fathering is upon me
As His children we are one.

There is no greater delight
Than our time now you are grown.
I savor every contact
That means I know and I am known.

All has been repaid
There is no debt owed.
Whatever you have cost me
You have given back tenfold.

No money or no time.
Not a letter or a call.
Never feel an “Ought to”
Making stressful tears to fall.

I offer you my friendship;
Whatever I am I give.
I reach for you my daughter,
To share the lives we live.

I am glad to give you wisdom
If I have the words you need;
But I have no right to impose
If my words are not your deed.

I gladly take your insights.
I am hungry for what you know.
You are a thoughtful woman,
You have great light to show.

Be free, my strong beauty.
Follow any light you dare
But I long to be your friend
As we have time to share.

– GMC –

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